Drawing Remembering Richly The Rewarding Outdoors by Julie Mcintyre

Remembering Richly The Rewarding Outdoors

6" x 9"  (15.25 x 20.25 cm) Approx. 100 pages published by Burnstown Publishing House, 2015. Retail: $20.00

Prominent outdoor writer and dog breeder Gord McIntyre looks back over a life spent in the outdoors. He gives us the benefit of a great many years of experience in the wild, hunting, fishing, canoeing, camping, and just plain thinking about things …

For instance, Gord writes: “How can it be, with our present cradle-to-the-grave social safety net, that so many of us still seem to be leading ‘lives of quiet desperation’? That ‘stress’ and ‘meaningful’ are buzzwords of our time? Materially, most of us have never had it so good; yet the ranks of psychiatrists continue to swell …” The reader will be inspired to find some ways out of this uniquely human condition as he or she reads this book.

$20.00 CAD