Photography Elsworth Manor Dining Room, Burnaby Village Museum by Julie Mcintyre

Elsworth Manor Dining Room, Burnaby Village Museum

Ghost Stories continue my serial exploration of celebrating commonplace experiences by mining highly personal narratives to uncover universal influences. For instance, following the birth of my daughter, Bedtimes Stories (2002-2007), looked at motherhood through the lens of traditional children’s literature, while Road Stories (1993 -1997), inspired by my years as a travelling salesperson, examined how the car has profoundly changed our perception of landscape.  Most recently, Travel Stories, was inspired by a box of travel photographs taken by my grandmother in the 1960s and 70s. The series searches for the familiar in foreign territory and uncovers a lot of baggage about womanhood in the process. With Ghost Stories, I look at what haunts me and try to manifest visual triggers and sensations of fear in an eerily “fun-house” environment.