Print Doyle's Point,  Lithograph and Relief, 51 x 71 cm by Julie Mcintyre

Doyle's Point, Lithograph and Relief, 51 x 71 cm

Each print is titled to correspond to the area of the island it most resembles and where many of the foreground objects were found.  The names act  simply as poetic labels to  specimens, because although some of the prints stand up on their own, the twenty prints together are considered a single piece of work.   The use of the repeatable image and the deliberate sequence of the monoprints, echoes the tide's shifting compositional drama at the water's edge.  The admittedly subjective and serendipitous process of collecting and repositioning historical data found at McNab's Island, intentionally shadows an archeologist dig.  What Sea Stories tries to visualize is that the results of records drawn, both past and present, are abstract compositions built on real and solid objects.  In essence, the series is a celebration of history's biographers, their tools and imaginations, as well as printmaking's virtuosity, and the maritime tradition. &n