Photography Craigdarroch Castle Drawing Room 2 by Julie Mcintyre

Craigdarroch Castle Drawing Room 2

It is a practical as well as aesthetic choice to mount the pieces in what looks like window frames to orient the viewer always outside of the house as a voyeur, and in order to hide the planted electronic devices. I worked with an electronic wizard to create subtle haunting effects using motion sensors. One of my constant aims over the years is to try to keep the viewer in front of my work for more than 30 seconds. In Travel Stories, for instance, I encourage the viewer to physically touch the aprons to pull out the secreted photos in its pockets, as well as open the books bound as handbags. However, with Ghost Stories, I would like to reward the viewer for spending the time in front of my work by activating motion sensors that will set off some subtle shift after a minute studying the interiors.