(unless you want to make an appointment). Worth the visit, if only to see the spectacular Edwardian mansion.bg_33251393523052.jpg"Companion Pieces" is an homage to our 18+ year long friendship between exhibiting artists Milos Jones Campbell, Julie McIntyre and Jocelyn Barrable Segal. For many years we shared a studio together and have encouraged and influenced each other in art and life. The intent in this series of work is to make visual these influences.



Loving those perfect little red dots!

For the Travel Stories Nautical Series, a one-of-a-kind artist book inspired by Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem, "Crossing the Bar", which my grandmother requested be read at her funeral.

Medium: Lithography, gel transfers, collage, assorted papers, glue, thread and 2 metal rings, Size (closed) 47 x 22 x 2 cm, 16 pages, November 2013. 





This is the first of 8 unconventional journals cased in various styles of handbags inspired by my grandmother's travel slides created specifically to compliment each theme. Part fashion, part function, handbags (like the grandma aprons before it), are another persuasive and contradictory icon of women’s intimate lives. 


Next project - Designing and printing money for the paper wallet book to finish the Shopkeeper's Series. The phrase on the bottom of each of the 5, double-sided bills for this biographical piece will be Bless Your Heart. (A Southern woman knows how to use that phrase to mean wildly different things)!

Unfortunately, I will be at my day job on Sunday September 29, but my shared studio space at Renegade Art Studios, 125 East 2nd Avenue Vancouver will be open. I will have a preview of some of the printed paper quilts in the never before exhibited series "Collecting Stories", as well as artist books in process for "Travel Stories". 

Happy Drifting...


Collecting Stories consists of five quilts that incorporate 64 original one-of-a-kind prints and lots of paper and thread.



The series celebrates activities that we choose to spare time for that are initiated for pleasure and enrich our lives without concern for financial compensation. This series is also my homage to hobbyists whose commitment and accomplishments I feel is unfairly dismissed as “amateur” precisely because they are not concerned with monetary gain. We should not discount their developing techniques and often life-long learning that follows their passion, nor their financial contributions. If it was not for scrapbookers, for instance, I would never have had the variety and affordability of designer papers to work with, or an audience that understands what it takes to make these paper quilts.  Collecting Stories is my thank you to your passion in its purest form. Just for the love of making is admirable.



For more information, please go to my website at: http://juliemcintyre.org/gallery/collecting-stories-new

(Due to techical difficulties, I don't have documention for Session 4.)


Monotype with Chine Colle







This week we tried lift printing. First the students rolled up their plexiglass plates fully with ink. We are using Caligo Safe Wash Oil Based Ink with magnesium carbonate to tighten the ink, so it is less greasy, but dries slowly. 



Students then placed a sheet of kozo paper over their inked plate and drew on the back with their pencil. In essence, the pencil is their press.



To create a "bonus print", immediately after removing their paper from their plate, they put a new sheet down and used a baren or hockey puck to transfer the ink from plate to paper. The results was a negative image of their drawing.



Here are some of the lift and bonus prints.




Looking at the silhouettes of Canadian animals in this monotype workshop with Grade 2 at Champlain Heights Annex. (Sorry, didn't have time to take pictures during the inking and printing process - too busy trying to contain the wonderful chaos)!