Julie McIntyre - Canadian Print & Fibre Artist

ArtStarts is launching Art Fundamentals, a creative learning series for teachers and artists.

Once a month, teachers and artists are invited to join us at ArtStarts (in downtown Vancouver) for hands-on workshops in visual and performing arts, led by professional artists.

If you are an educator or artist who wants to brush up on art fundamentals, these workshops are for you. You'll have the opportunity to explore:

  • the theory and practice behind basic art forms
  • art fundamentals that will help you develop your creative confidence
  • ways to implement arts based activities in the classroom
  • new relationships with artists and educators

Saturday, November 8, 2014, 11am - 2pm
Transferring Everyday Objects into Art

with Julie McIntyre


This printmaking workshop shows you how to use the most basic equipment and ordinary materials to create professional results. Various transfer techniques will be demonstrated and combined to bring three-dimensional materials, from scraps of lace to playing dice, into seemingly two-dimensional "abstractions". The beauty of these processes is that you cannot predict or control how their image is going to look because of the nature of mirror images, reversals and cover overlays, so they become more playful and experimental. The serendipitous nature of printmaking is celebrated, rather than ignored or discouraged in these activities, while the experimental images also become great exercises in compositional resolution. Delight in the playfulness of the repeated image, develop a greater appreciation for qualities of paper, and deepen your appreciation for surface treatment.




To register: http://artstarts.com/artfundamentals


Running September 5 to November 9, 2014 In Wait is a visual collaboration by seven members of The Full Circle Art Collective and is a contemplative response to the artists’ personal experiences and the shared communal psyche as they examined an ordinary part of life: the ubiquitous act of waiting. Over 200 panels are included in the work and here are my individual pieces with 2 of Rina Pita's.

Text are first three stanzas of Amazing Grace by John Newton (1725-1807)

Book design and printing based on Lucy Mood McIntyre's travel slides.

25 pages, paper and thread, 2014
This favourite hymn was requested by my grandmother to be sung at her funeral. 

Opened purse

My grandmother was raised a Methodist and married the son of a Presbyterian

Minister, but I never thought of her as religious because she never spoke about it. I hadn't considered that she was raised to believe you don't discuss religion or politics in polite society.

First page

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 7

Paper and thread

with embroidered passport.


Finally made my money! This currency is based on my grandmother's genealogy and, of course, her travel photographs.

(unless you want to make an appointment). Worth the visit, if only to see the spectacular Edwardian mansion.bg_33251393523052.jpg"Companion Pieces" is an homage to our 18+ year long friendship between exhibiting artists Milos Jones Campbell, Julie McIntyre and Jocelyn Barrable Segal. For many years we shared a studio together and have encouraged and influenced each other in art and life. The intent in this series of work is to make visual these influences.



Loving those perfect little red dots!

For the Travel Stories Nautical Series, a one-of-a-kind artist book inspired by Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem, "Crossing the Bar", which my grandmother requested be read at her funeral.

Medium: Lithography, gel transfers, collage, assorted papers, glue, thread and 2 metal rings, Size (closed) 47 x 22 x 2 cm, 16 pages, November 2013. 





This is the first of 8 unconventional journals cased in various styles of handbags inspired by my grandmother's travel slides created specifically to compliment each theme. Part fashion, part function, handbags (like the grandma aprons before it), are another persuasive and contradictory icon of women’s intimate lives. 


Next project - Designing and printing money for the paper wallet book to finish the Shopkeeper's Series. The phrase on the bottom of each of the 5, double-sided bills for this biographical piece will be Bless Your Heart. (A Southern woman knows how to use that phrase to mean wildly different things)!

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